Bromine Tablets

Anyone who’s spent time in just about any pool or spa has definitely detected the scent of chlorine — and about 99% of people who hop in the water notice after they get out that the water did, indeed, do as much damage as it smelled like it would. The skin irritation that chlorine in the water causes is legendary, and, while not dangerous, it can definitely make a short dip much more irritating than it should be. Swimming, after all, is supposed to be relaxing! But then again, you need clean water. So what’s the answer?

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Brominating Tablets for the Pool or the Spa

Chlorine operates by creating an extremely unfriendly environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Think of it this way: If you pour bleach into the soil, you’ll probably kill just about everything in it. And if you drop bleach into a petri dish, you’ll definitely kill everything in it. So it stands to reason that if you drop bleach in the pool, not much is going to be alive in the water except for the occasional bug, in the few minutes before it drowns, and the humans swimming around everywhere and enjoying themselves.

But it definitely feels bad to get out and have itchy, dry skin, so chlorine can’t be the answer. That’s where bromine comes in. Bromine is another ion that, like chlorine, is extremely effective for sanitation. It is, however, radically less irritating to the skin and eyes. This has to do with details of its chemical interactions with the chemicals in your skin, which aren’t all that important for our purposes. Rather, you just need to know that, if you use brominating tablets rather than chlorine, you’ll feel a whole lot better than you would if you kept bleaching the water.


Other Uses for Bromine

Chlorine is also used to clean bath tubs and home spas, and to keep the water in the jacuzzi or hot tub clean. Just as in the pool, you can replace the chlorine with bromine, which will feel, and be, a whole lot healthier. You don’t need a huge body of water like a pool to make bromine safer than chlorine — it’s safer to begin with, making it a better investment in the first place. It also doesn’t smell as pungent, so you’ll probably be more comfortable when swimming and relaxing anyway.

How to Use Brominating Tablets

Using brominating tablets is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is take them out of the bucket they ship in and drop them in the water – voila! They’ll bubble for a bit, but, really, your job is done. If you want to take another step, you can go ahead and agitate the water — with a big net in the pool or just by turning on the jets in a hot tub or jacuzzi — but the bromine will spread throughout the water on its own if you just leave it, so there’s no need to do this.


Everyone likes to spend time in the water. Especially in hot tubs and other relaxing spaces. So, it makes sense that you would take good care of the water you spend your time in. Bromine is a great way to make sure you can enjoy your pool or home spa for extended periods of time without risking heavy irritation to your eyes or skin, and it comes highly recommended by medical doctors from specialties as wide-ranging as family practice to dermatology. And, brominating tablets are easy to use. Definitely check them out and give them a go today!