In The Swim Pool Bromine Tablets 8 lbs.

In The Swim Pool Bromine Tablets 8 lbsBromine tablets can be a profitable purchase if you own a pool or a spa. They help in easily purifying the pool or a spa up to 80 percent. The level of purification, although, depends on the product that you are using. Bromine tablets are considered as the safest type of chemical available for purification of spas; recommended by many spa owners around the globe specially Canada. They are probably the simplest kind of purification chemical there is. People tend to use bromine tablets more than chlorine.

What actually happens is the moment you add the bromine tablet in the pool or spa, the chemical present in it starts purifying the water by killing different types of harmful bacteria. Bromine tablets are recommended specially for pools that are in use by kids of small age to keep them safe from viruses like naegleria.

Bromine tablets should be used on a daily basis to purify spas. Although bromine tablets can be hard on the wallet sometimes so a good tip is to check your water every few days. To stay pocket friendly, use one bromine tablet every 2 weeks for the purification of your pool or spa.

We’ve reviewed a number of bromine tablets and today we’re going to review the ‘In The Swim Pool Bromine Tablets’. These tablets have been a popular choice in the market and we’ve done an in depth analysis on the features that In The Swim Pool Bromine Tablets 8 lbs provide.



In The Swim Pool Bromine Tablets has a lesser odor as compared to chlorine and other bromine tablets in the market. They do not leave a strong smell in the pool providing a better bathing experience.

PH range:

The pH or the ‘power of hydrogen’ is something to keep an eye on when buying a good water purifier for your pool. The pH of chlorine is usually around 7 which is normal for human use but does not have a sanitizing effect. While, In the Swim Pool Bromine Tablets provide a pH of around 8.2 that is safe for the skin and works as a sanitizer in the pool.


The dosage of normal bromine tablets depends on the size of the tablet. In the Swim Pool Bromine Tablets weigh around 8 lbs. which should be good for you to work around 5-6 days.

In the Swim Pool Bromine Tablets are both healthy in the pool and on your wallet. Providing you the best purification in the best price.

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