Leisure Time 45430 Bromine Tabs, 4-Pound

 Leisure Time 45430 Bromine Tabs, 4-PoundRelaxing in a hot tub, spa or a pool can be very comforting. Maybe that is why they are available more easily nowadays than it used to a decade ago. As these services started being more common, they started to play an important role in the normal household. Today there are pools and hot tubs found in every household. Hot tubs and spas are also found in most of the holiday resorts globally. Although while relaxing and being comfortable in hot tubs, spas, and spas we forget to take care of their hygiene.

There are different kinds of purifiers available in the market for this job that provides quality cleaning and a healthier pool. Traditionally, people use chlorine for the purification of their pools, hot tubs and spas. Although as times change, people require more promising results. The answer to that are bromine tablets.

Bromine tablets start purifying the tablet as soon as they are added in to the water. Bromine tablets provide better results as compared to the purification done by chlorine.

We reached the market to find a popular choice in bromine tablets. Today we will be reviewing a famous choice in bromine tablets, Leisure Time 45430 Bromine tablets of 4 lbs. Following are the features that the Leisure Time 45430 Bromine Tablet offers:




One of the bad things about using chlorine is that is leaves behind a strong odor. The odor of chlorine purifiers often disturbs many people. This is why Leisure Time 45430 Bromine Tablets are comparatively better than the chlorine purifiers that almost leave behind no traces of odor.

PH range:

If you own a pool or a hot tub and you have been cleaning them for a long time, you must be aware of the effects of pH on the skin and on bacteria. Chlorine provides a pH of almost 7. This level of pH helps purify the water to a certain level but not to an extent of a sanitizer. Although the Leisure Time 45430 Bromine Tablets provide a pH of 8.2 that with the help of its Dantabrom chemistry provides 10-percent more active sanitizer than usual bromine tablets available in the market.


Most of the bromine tablets available in the market weigh around 2 pounds although the Leisure Time 45430 Bromine Tablets weigh around 4 pounds making it double than the usual bromine tablets. The Leisure Time 45430 Bromine Tablets last 2 times longer than a normal bromine tablet.


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